Real-Time Monitoring Application

GIT is familiar with providing expert real-time monitoring services, such as mobile GPS monitoring and trajectory record look-up. Other related systems, including video or sound monitoring, vehicle monitoring, and water quality monitoring, can be integrated into the cloud-based management platform. Real-time monitoring provides the following functions:

  • Monitoring of the real-time location of GPS devices
  • Inquiry and analysis of historical and real-time trajectory
  • Remote setting of operational parameters
  • Automatic data collection and storage
  • Monitoring alarm (automatic notification by mail or text messages)
  • Output of customized cloud computing results and analysis

GIT possesses rich planning experiences in real-time monitoring systems which are often applied in the field of vehicle and water quality monitoring, and the introductions are shown as below:

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System

The key to real-time tracking for vehicles lies in the system efficiency. The system needs to display the location of vehicles and allow the access, display and analysis of historical trajectory data in real-time. Therefore, the system must be able to handle a great amount of data and information rapidly, and its back-end must have sufficient space for the storage of the real-time information. With database experts experienced in system development, the GIT team can provide clients with a reliable system service.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Service

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring System

We have a selection of automatic continuous water quality monitoring systems that can efficiently collect data in real-time. Based on the client application, the most suitable system can be chosen to record the change of water quality and manage warnings of abnormal water quality. Items that it analyzes include water temperature, electrical conductivity (EC), ammonia nitrogen, pH value, water level, suspended substances (SS), oxidation reduction potential (ORP), etc. GIT can help install real-time water quality monitoring equipment outdoors and remotely control and manage its information system and data. In addition, we can provide professional planning, stationing, pollution declaration, interpretation, and analysis services. Furthermore, we can assist in supervising units to trace pollution source while collecting continuous water quality data.

Automatic continuous water quality monitoring system

GIT has been assisting Taiwan's government to promote real-time water quality monitoring and warning mechanism for abnormal water quality. We have successfully developed an automatic monitoring system and cloud-based management platform for the water quality of irrigation water in farmlands. After a series of market assessment and testing of the equipments, we have selected the equipment with the combination of characteristics , including real-time information transmission, micro-power consumption, and solar panels. Furthermore, the monitoring signals are successfully integrated with GIT's cloud management platform. The platform is capable of GPS tracking, display of real-time transmitted records, issuing alarm via text messages or email, illustration of trend analysis and cloud-based storage of records.

Continuous water quality automatic monitoring platform