GIS Total Solutions

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIT specializes in integrating GIS technology, providing customized GIS solutions with a variety of platforms to choose from. Different combinations of software and hardware platforms are available to meet the various needs, from PCs, industrial computers, to even military grade applications. The variety of platforms include a standalone version, a web browser version, and a mobile version. The current market demand is mainly web browser and mobile version.

Browser version of GIS platform

Mobile version of GIS platform

Decision Support System (DSS)

The essence of GIS is an expert calculation platform and tool that can be applied to a variety of fields, for example executing spatial calculation for the DSS. The DSS can provide the management level of organizations with a computational tool for spatial analysis to assist decision making, elevate decision efficiency, and improve decision results through calculation logic and decision procedures as required by the specific application. For example, to the authorities handling soil and groundwater pollution, DSS can be applied in the categorization of the pollution potential or environmental risks of land to establish an order of priority for regional investigation or control site remediation.

Example of DSS calculation tool - trial calculation of heavy metal pollution potential

DSS can provide users with numerous benefits: it can integrate information required by different departments and offer analysis from different perspectives. Its one-stop platform can ensure the transparency of information, and it is convenient for circulation and sharing. Furthermore, it can promptly transform original data into the results of decision analysis to make sure that users have access to information from all perspectives which paints a complete picture of the overall situation.

A well-developed DSS can continuously monitor key indicators, and a warning is issued in a timely manner when anomalies occur. The DSS can also apply a calculation mechanism for issuing warnings by leveraging expert experience to make sure preventive measures or response plans are adopted as early as possible when potential risks happen.

DSS planning structure diagram

Mature DSS can continuously monitor key indicators, and warning information will timely give off when abnormal phenomena occur. It can also develop warning calculation mechanisms with the experience of experts to make sure preventive measures or response plans are adopted as early as possible when potential risks happen.