Cloud-based Mobile GIS Application

It has become a trend for mobile devices integrating with cloud services. Through cloud services, application software on portable devices enables users to operate anywhere they go and is updated automatically. In addition, it can be expanded easily and adjusted flexibly based on the different needs.

Illustration of cloud-based mobile GIS structure

When used in project management, geographic information and electronic data on portable devices can assist pre-planned operation of outdoor investigation and replace traditional drawing paper that is inconvenient to carry and use outdoors. Moreover, the software can return on-site records and GPS data promptly and greatly improve outdoor operation efficiency and the quality of archiving files.

Mobile GIS applied to Inspection, Patrol, Audit

Mobile GIS applied to Sky Patrol

Mobile GIS applied to Off-island Patrol

Mobile GIS applied to Sea Bed Sediment Sampling on a Raft

Furthermore, the mobile platform can demonstrate operation progress and the results of data in real-time. It provides the function of collecting and organizing systematic records in a common format, making it convenient for the administrator to demonstrate performance and conduct value-added application.

National Farmland Investigation System and Its Mobile GIS Platform

GIS in the cloud has been adopted by the EPA and local EPBs. Due to the fact that these inspection sites are often located in places with poor reception, GIT has developed the core technology for offline operation and sync mechanisms for the mobile GIS platform. The combination of internet status monitoring, data transmission resumption module, and returned data check ensures that 100% of the data are returned successfully.

Use of the mobile GIS in the cloud for Taiwan's National Farmland Investigation