Large-Scale Reporting and Auditing Platform

MOHW Science & Technology Development Project Management System

Ministry of Health and Welfare

Taoyuan City Government EPD Recycling Vendor Inspection System

Taoyuan City Govornment EPD

Other integration platforms

2015 IT Month Exhibition Project

EPA, Executive Yuan

Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Reporting System for Hospitals

Ministry of Health and Welfare

Sustainable Sciences Integration Platform

National Taiwan University

Crime Investigation and Prevention Analysis Map System

Taichung City Govornment Police Department

Fixed-Source Pollution Management Information System

EPA, Executive Yuan

International Environmental Partnership

EPA, Executive Yuan

Next Generation Test Equipment Computing and Query System

EPA, Executive Yuan

Green and Sustainable Remediation Promotion Platform

EPA, Executive Yuan

Sustainability Science Integrated Platform

Ministry of Science and Technology

Maintenance of Basic Aerial Photography Query Supply System

Aerial Survey Office, Forestry Bureau, COA, Executive Yuan

Address Positioning System

Institute of Transportation, MOTC