Environmental & GeoInformatic Technology Co. Ltd. (EGIT) , formerly known as Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd. (GIT), is an environmental consulting company that integrates environmental resources with geographic information system (GIS). Our core value is to assist our clients to create an environmental management system with a complete value chain. Our professional service provides total solutions of customized spatial information management with a team armed with extensive experience working with ESRI Arc GIS series, Google Maps (Earth), Microsoft, Oracle and mobile systems for portable devices.

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including agricultural engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, urban planning, geography, electrical engineering, information engineering, information management, business management, transportation management, and over half of our staff have earned a graduate degree. Most of our middle- and high-level management have abundant practical experiences and competence for large-scale projects. Our management team comes over from the CTCI Foundation and the CTCI Group with a diverse set of expertise and has rich hands-on experience processing and analyzing complex environmental management issues. Our expertise will ensure our clients effective solutions to their problems.